The Government Shutdown is About to Start

  We’re really going to have a government shutdown this time. Hell, they let the 15% budget cut happen earlier this year so all of them are good at standing their ground but not particularly good at listening. On day’s like this Twitter becomes the best fun on the internets. Both sides of this argument […]

As Shutdown Looms – Congress takes to Twitter

Cue the spin machine and brace yourselves –  bulls^%t is coming. Now, keep in mind I intend to stay bipartisan here.  I think all of the DC lifers are missing the point here.  The spin machine that is happening today is related to several things that are not completely related but oddly intertwined all at […]

Barilla Just Lost a Ton of Business

If I had a product to sell in these tough economic times, the last thing I would do is make a statement to piss off an entire segment of our population. Barilla Chairman, Guidos Barilla did just that while talking about how he depicts family in advertisements. Acording to Barilla, there will be no commercials […]

Ted Cruz Obamacare Antics

Ted Cruz, Republican senator from Texas is at this very moment talking about all of the reasons he think’s the Congress should defund Obamacare. He’s been talking all night like a filibustering fool. The problem is that this isn’t really a filibuster – there will be a vote.  This is public attention grabbing foolishness; it […]

Having a Beer with Evil Obama

Those who demonize those of another party are run headlong down a slippery slope. It also harms the national conversation of important issues. We love to do it, have some great zingers – and then move along with deep seeded anger and bitterness toward anyone whom a politician is associated. Regular readers may now point […]

Putin and Obama were playing Good Cop, Bad Cop

Some say Obama was cock blocked with this “bomb Syria” business.  On the world stage it appeared that he was. And it is the funniest thing I’ve seen in a long time. “Why don’t we ask them to hand over their weapons?” “Hell no! It didn’t work in Iraq” “I thought you said this wasn’t […]

I’m Not Even Mad

I do not know if this is a thing or not – but my politics have become what I can only describe as transpolitical. What I mean is that I believe problems in this country and around the world can only be solved if we quit thinking like cookie cutter conservative republicans or liberal democrats. […]