Jonah Hill You Ignorant Slut

Bro, can I call you bro?  F*&k it I’ll call you Jonah Hill. Jonah,  there’s things you can say, and things you can’t.  You can not call anyone a {homosexual slur] anymore, at least not in California.  I think its still okay in West Virginia and Alabama, maybe parts of Texas.  The point here is […]

Codebabes can learn me plenty!

Do a quick search for Codebabes on a news site and you’ll see plenty of tech writers losing their minds about, a site that attempts to teach programming and scripting language coding using pretty ladies who are willing to remove clothing after you pass a quiz. This is the same teaching method used on […]

We’ve already been programmed

We listened to them. We excelled in school because they told us being smart meant we would get a job. We went in debt to go to college because they told us a job would be waiting and the debt would be paid off quickly. We are now in their system of debt.  Left or […]

What ever happened to passion?

I got a million problems and money will fix most of it.  You ever feel that way?  Then you get all depressed because life is not going well for you.  A couple of friends were feeling that way.  We were talking about it, trying to figure out a way to live life without sitting in […]