The Government Shutdown is About to Start

By | September 30, 2013


And the memes already begin.....

And the memes already begin…..

We’re really going to have a government shutdown this time. Hell, they let the 15% budget cut happen earlier this year so all of them are good at standing their ground but not particularly good at listening.

On day’s like this Twitter becomes the best fun on the internets.

Both sides of this argument are playing chicken.

Both sides are blaming the other.

It doesn’t really matter because both sides are politicizing and confusing the events to get an upper hand.

Why The Republicans are Right

  • The healthcare bill that was passed sucks.
  • Full of holes
    No one read it before they passed it
  • It is not ready to go.
    Even today they had to delay another piece of the implementation.

Why the Democrats are Right

  • Something needs to be done about Healthcare in this country
    This is almost a cliche at this point, but it is true.
  • It attempts to fix some major problems in the system, like previous conditions and accessible coverage.
  • Today’s fight should be about the shutdown, not the healthcare system. These things should not be connected today the way they have been connected.


Why everyone is wrong

  • Majority party or not, there were still republicans around that could have create a more productive atmosphere at the time when healthcare reform was being discussed. Years after the fact, they cause a standoff.
  • Harry Reid is kind of a goon.  I know, its not a good reason – but that guy just makes me want to oppose every word the escapes his face.
  • Democrats steamrolled a bill through the congress without reading it.
  • They chicken playing antics to shutdown the government is only going to hurt the country.
  • The spin on this is out of control.  Republicans would say that the democrats are holding the country hostage to get their healthcare bill.  The Dems would say that the republicans are holding the government hostage because of their grandstanding and political techniques.The Offensives would say that both parties are acting like children and your idiot political antics for decades have caused this stuff.  Vote out all of the incumbents.

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